HAPPY 2012!


i promise not to be a silly drunk on this new years eve.

but life is too good not to party.

end of year

end of year

wtf, another year is coming to an end. i’d probably say the same thing a year from now.

then again, from the way predictions say that the world will end next year, maybe i wont get the chance to. HAHA


two o eleven has been an emotional roller coaster for me. was forced spluttering from graduation into the work force, and the rejection from countless potential firms just made me doubt myself.  found reassurance from the unlikeliest sources, special people that make you realize how wonderful you are. started a career, found myself in limbo, discovered what it takes to be a good leader. close friends moved on, yet never found myself lonely. got lied to, stupid enough to feign oblivious, but never felt freer when the truth came out.

how cryptic. this year i’ve dabbled in so things that i have never done, loved it, and yet im back to where i was before.


here’s to another year. and more happy wrinkles around my eyes.

BERSIH 2.0 Melbourne


At federation square; 2pm

It wasnt a huge crowd, but it was a good effort. I’m proud of the people who put aside the time to organize and attend, shows how much you care. Melbourne kicked off the worldwide Bersih rally campaigning for cleaner and fairer elections in Malaysia, and was the largest one outside our homeland.


Truthfully, I’m not someone who passionately fights for social reform, but at least i attended right? I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to be here, away from the shit that’s happening back home. When i hear about the lives of my friends, i cant help but feel sorry for all the marginalization and injustice they have to go through their daily lives.


We attended, because we care for our future.


It was a peaceful, civilized rally. I cringe watching the videos of what happened back home, the police actually running to kick protesters, shooting tear gas into the public and especially the one where they just stood watching the man experience a seizure after they handcuffed him. What’s worse is how the police, protectors of the citizens (pfft) did not take any action in calling for an ambulance or took out the plastic strings they used to handcuff him despite pleads from the public, responding they did not have anything to cut them. Help only came about half an hour later from a passerby with a car, by then he was dead. The authorities responded later about the incident, pointing out that he brought it into himself; if one knows you have health conditions, don’t come out rallying. Argh that just makes me so angry i hope these people choke on the fat of the nasi lemak ayam goreng they just had brought using the public’s money they squandered off.


Even some friends from Brunei came to support.


Yellow scarf and shoes. This will be as yellow as i can get.

Would i participate have in the one in KL if i was back? Most probably. Then again i think my parents would kill me if i tried to leave the house that day.

Anyways this has gotten too political. Let me with a light-hearted photo of the lovely harry potter meetup group that went on the same day. While we were singing the national anthem, they sang the hogwarts song. Cant wait to watch the last of the harry potter movies!


creature beanies


There’s this store in the shopping mall, that sold the cutest beanies ever in the shape of animals; only for AUD10. I wanted one so badly, until my best friend told me i looked like an idiot in one.

That’s what friends are for. They tell you the truth, especially if it hurts.

the little things that make me smile


awwh, isn’t he just the sweetest thing ever.




I’m on a sewing rampage at the moment. Considering it as only my second time making a sock doll, the cat’s pretty cute right? =) . It then wished to be a samurai so the best thing i could do was to give it a katana.

Hongs and manda requested for ickle and lardee from the ingenious my milk toof. What you wish for is what you get! They might not be as adorable as the real ones but at least they’re soft and squeezable!


for the good things to come

the first 5 good things of the year!


1) a handmade cat (miaow ~) to watch over me while i sleep. pattern found HERE.


2) awesomeness tshirt from threadless! AWESUM!


3) candy coloured nails make me happy.

pineapple tarts

lion dance

4) the lunar new year is here and celebrations last for 15 days. that’s right, we visit friends, eat and have jolly good fun for 15 whole days. considering that i missed the celebrations last year, i really had fun this year round.

wedding ring

5) a close friend of mine getting engaged. congrats my love. this will be first of the many joyous weddings i foresee for my friends!

all i need is you


Happy valentines to all you lovebirds.

home sweet home

i’m back in my home country, malaysia for the holidays. Being the thrifty (or should i say; scrooge-like) me, budget airlines is always my preferred choice. The flight was packed, and it was the worst ever flight i had in my years of traveling. I should’ve taken the advice of my dad; not to save the 200bucks for a bigger seat instead of enduring 7 hours of pure torture.


I get mixed feelings everytime i come back to here. One is happy to once again see my family, my friends and my home that i grew up in. The other is sad; sad to see so much dishonesty, corruption and inequality that plagues my country so.

keep em stoopid

politics; is all about how well you can brainwash your people. that’s what propaganda does. and the easiest way to get people on your side is when they’re dumb and naive. Education here is a sham. They don’t actually teach you things, they just force feed you into memorizing things without asking why, and somehow this becomes a way of life here. politics is so depressing. i hate it so i choose to ignore it. so if i don’t choose to do anything about it, it will only stay the same.

On another note, the Malaysian news is like a huge drama show. An opposition leader charged with sodomizing a male aide, a mongolian model blew to bits with a C4 explosive (wtf isin’t that just sick), and a journalist cum political secretary who fell out of the window of the anti-corruption office. Isn't this even better than what screenwriters can think of.

I shouldn’t say more. As if i’m THAT politically informed.